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Home Remodeling Apps You Need To Know About

When you look at remodeling your home you should consider what home remodeling apps are available. These apps can give you ideas about what to do and offer you an alternative to traditional tools.

  • The Spirit Level App

One of the home remodeling apps that you need to know about is the iHandy Level. When you need to ensure that something is level and do not have a spirit level on hand this free app can come to your rescue. All you have to do is open the app and rest your phone on the area you need to check.

  • One App Many Tools

The Ryobi Phone Works is more than an app as there are a number of devices that connect to it. Each of the devices is sold separately, but you can easily control and monitor them from the free app. Some of the devices that you can link to include a laser level, an inspection scope and an infrared thermometer. The devices are all affordable and the app allows you to capture videos and pictures of your home remodeling.

  • Fraction Help For Woodworking

If you have to do some woodworking for your remodel then you understand that there are a lot of fraction calculations. If you want to take some of this head work out of the task there are home remodeling apps that can help. The Fraction Calculator Plus is a calculator that does all the work for you as you only need to type in the fractions and get the results. This app is free with ads, but you can buy it to remove the ads.

  • Planning And Designs

When completing a remodel you need to have plans and the Floor Plan Creator app can help with this. This is an Android tablet app and not available on iOS. The app helps you design and create floor plans by dragging walls, windows and doors into place. You can also enter the size of objects to get a scaled view of the floor plan.

  • A Pocket Engineer

Figuring out how much concrete you need to have for a posthole or the correct pitch of your roof can be difficult and something you might need to hire an engineer to do. This app is only available on iOS and does not come with a free version. The creators of the app state that it is able to complete 170 different calculations.

  • Get The Tips You Need

Taking the time to look at home remodeling tips can take time and is not always easy while you are mid-job. However, the DIY Tip Genius app can help with this. The app is free and offers you a lot of tips that could help you finish your remodeling tasks.

There are many home remodeling apps on the market, both paid and free, that you need to consider when completing a remodel project. These apps can work as alternatives to certain tools or as a control unit for a range of devices. It is also possible to get inspiration, tips and help from these apps.